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Dear friends...Many of you have followed Kyle's journey from the start, and some of you joined us in the last few years from Instagram and Facebook. You have watched Kyle grow from the cutest puppy with a head that was oh-so-big for his body into a handsome, most affectionate little boy that won over hearts wherever he went. I have shared with you his life, his adventures, his celebrations, his "best little brother ever" Kody, his friendships with so many people and pups, and his amazing love that was easily captured in his eyes in so many pictures.

With broken heart and the deepest of love, I now share that Kyle became a shining star in the night sky on September 26th, 2016. He had battled cancer starting in March 2016 and he fought hard. He had surgery, radiation treatments, and follow up treatments over several months. He was in remission and doing better, but very silently and quickly it returned and Kyle's so fragile body was tired and could fight no more. And so I gave him the only gift I could, I took his pain so that he might rest peacefully, knowing he was loved.

Kyle was loved more than even possible, he was the center of my world. I said to him daily, "You are my little boy, my best friend, my puppy, my Everything" and each night I would say to him "Star Light, Star Bright, You are the first Star I see every night."

Tonight I updated this site for the last time. It was painful and there were lots of tears, but looking through all of the pictures just reminded me of how truly lucky and blessed I am to have been chosen as Kyle's Mama. If you have read the "A Little About Kyle" page, then you know that he was the greatest gift in my life. Although there will be no more updates, I will keep Kyle's website online, both for my memories to have a home, and also so that others may see that true love does exist...

Kyle's Mama