Playdates 2013

Mama took us on lots of playdates this year. We met lots of new friends.

This is Josie. She's a puppy but bigger than both of us!

This is our cousin Eagle the Greyhound

We ran a lot!

Kody is such a happy pup

We went to the park to see our favorite bridge...

...and climbed the rocks

We went to Borderland a bunch of times

We met Breezi and Memphis too!! (they live with Josie)

We also went on some hikes!

This is our friend Kozmo the Puggle

He sniffs everything just like we do!

And this is our new friend Willow the Boxer

We went to the ocean for the first time ever!!

Kody leaving pawprints

This is our new friend Meatball the Puggle

Kody and Meatball ran around a lot

We had a lot of fun this year