Kyle's First Vacation - Bar Harbor, ME - July, 2006

It's a looooong ride to Bar Harbor, ME

This is me in my cottage

I even got my very own bedroom - but I slept with Mama...

I got to bring my toys too...This one's from Nana

Daddy says we're going fishing

I wanna go to the beach

Not Allowed??? Mama you promised me the beach!!!

We climbed the cliffs and...

...we found my first beach!!! (Otter Cove, Arcadia NP)

I played in the water

It tasted too salty

Everyone at the beach wanted to pat me

I even made a new friend

Then we hiked in the woods

And climbed more rocks...Hi Mama!!

We even saw some horses

And found another beach

That's a stick for a much bigger puppy

We found a store just for doggies...Bark Harbor

They had a cool bakery

Time for the long ride home...I had so much fun