What is a Puggle?

Technically, a Puggle is a hybrid breed produced by breeding a female Beagle with a male Pug. This breed is relatively new, started in approximately the year 2000, but is becoming increasingly popular due to its reputation and its recent flood of promotion in the media.

Kyle September '05
Puggles are generally between 20-30 lbs, (Kyle is 35 lbs), short haired, fawn (tan) or black with some black on the muzzle, low maintenance and low shedding, and have a very nice temperment. Puggles love to be praised and rewarded, which makes training fun. Although with hybrids you may get more of one breeds genes in some characteristics (i.e. ears, coloring, teeth), almost all Puggles have the curly Pug tail.
From an owner's perspective, in addition to being insanely cute, they are very loveable and live for attention and companionship. They have personalities that will make you laugh, they are extremely playful and give "kisses" every chance they can get. This is a dog that you will fall in love with and bond with very quickly.

Kyle at 8 weeks
When Kyle was a small puppy he looked a lot like a baby Bull Mastiff. Now he is the perfect image of the Puggle standard. He has the signature Pug tail with gorgeous big brown eyes and long floppy ears. Kyle loves to go for walks, go for rides in the car, play with his friends and his brother and keep watch in the front window. He is happiest when people stop to pay attention to him and give him some love.